About ISEE

We are a scientific association in environmental epidemiology that impacts research, training and policy worldwide.

To foster epidemiological studies on the effects of environmental exposures in people, stimulate communication between health professionals, promote methodological advances, and strengthen environmental health policy. 

  • Our membership is open to environmental epidemiologists and other scientists worldwide.
  • We provide a forum for the discussion of problems unique to the study of health and the environment by supporting annual meetings, newsletters, critical reviews and commentaries, workshops, and regional events.
  • We facilitate communication across disciplines by involving epidemiologists, toxicologists, exposure analysts, and other environmental scientists and moral philosophers in our annual meetings and committees.
  • We support innovative approaches to substantive or methodologic problems and applications of environmental epidemiology by featuring new research at our annual meetings and supporting new researchers.
  • We use environmental epidemiology to inform public policy by developing consensus statements, scientific commentaries, and acting as liaisons with academic, governmental, inter-governmental, non-profit and business institutions.
  • We support the involvement of scientists from around the world and subsidizing membership costs for scientists in developing countries to encourage their participation.
  • All members are expected to embrace the following values:
    Integrity. Do what is morally and ethically right.
    Diversity. Promote an environment that is free from prejudice and discrimination and embraces the uniqueness of every member’s experiences, background, interests, culture, and contributions.
    Member Service. Be responsible stewards of ISEE resources in effectively meeting the needs of members.
    Communication. Recognize that effective communication (writing, speaking, or listening) is the responsibility of all members.
    Respect and Trust. Treat each other with fairness, dignity, understanding, and compassion.
    Career Development. Promote training, education, mentoring, and career growth.
    Excellence. Foster creativity, innovation, and teamwork while seeking continuous improvement in the science and practice of
    environmental epidemiology.
    Sustainability. Meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
  • It is our policy that the efforts and activities of officers, councilors, committee chairs and other Society members performed on behalf of the ISEE not be compromised by any significant conflict of interest including:
    • Engaging in any business or other activities that would directly or indirectly materially adversely affect the ISEE, including but not limited to affecting the reputation, professionalism or finances of ISEE.
    • Using the ISEE membership and platform to pursue or support personal ideological or financial gains beyond the norms expected from membership of a professional scientific society.
    • Influencing nominations for awards or provision of travel awards to benefit oneself.
    • Seeking sponsorship from exhibitor, sponsor, contractor, or any other person or entity as conference organizer that would result in personal financial profit.

    You can read more about this policy, and download our conflict of interest form here.

  • For questions or information about applying for or renewing your membership, membership status, your member subscription to Epidemiology, or joining a committee please contact the ISEE Secretariat.

    International Society for Environmental Epidemiology
    c/o Infinity Conference Group, Inc.
    1035 Sterling Road, Suite 202
    Herndon, VA 20170 USA
    Phone: 1-703-925-0178, toll free (US only): 844-369-4121
    Fax 1-703-925-9453
    E-mail: secretariat@iseepi.org

    Infinity Conference Group is committed to assisting the ISEE leadership to successfully serve its membership and move the organization forward. Located in Washington D.C region of the U.S., Infinity Conference Group, Inc. (ICG) provides high-quality professional and reliable association management and conference planning services for organizations who seek exceptional support, keen oversight, a unique vision, and have a desire to improve the world in which we live. 



Andrea Baccarelli, MD, PhD 

Columbia University 
New York, New York, USA

Mark Nieuwenhuijsen, PhD 

Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal)
Barcelona, Spain

Michelle Turner, PhD 

Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal)
Barcelona, Spain


Mildred Maisonet, PhD 
East Tennessee State University
Tennessee, USA

Nelson Gouveia, MD, MSc, PhD 
University of Sao Paulo Medical School
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Adetoun Mustapha, PhD, DIC, MPH 
Nigerian Institute of Medical Research
Nigeria, Africa

Yue-Liang Guo, MD, MPH, PhD 

National Taiwan University

Zorana Jovanovic Andersen, PhD 

University of Copenhagen
Frederiksberg, Denmark

Jaime E. Hart, ScD 

Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Massachusetts, USA