About Press

Press Passes

ISEE 2022 welcomes participation of journalists and media representatives from scientific and news publications, as well as broadcasting media and websites. Public relations or Marketing agencies’ representatives are not entitled to Press Registration. The ISEE 2022 Organizing Secretariat, CONVIN SA, reserves the right to deny issuance of Press Registration, in case the requirements for issuance of Press Pass are not met.

Press registration is free of charge, provided an application for participation has been duly filled (see below). For access to Conference areas, journalists are requested to have registered and wear the Conference badge at all times.

Kindly note that a dedicated press office will be operating at the Conference venue during the ISEE 2022, where Press members can collect their registration badge and Press material.


Rules of Media Coverage and Broadcasting

All sessions are open to the media. However, audio/video recording and photography inside session halls is strictly prohibited.

An embargo policy will apply during the ISEE 2022, as follows:

  • Announcement of any scientific content presented during Conference dates cannot take place before the time it has been officially presented in the designated session hall.
  • Presenters and Invited Speakers will be asked to sign an authorization form, specifying (among other) the extent of publicity they wish their presentations to have. Media representatives are requested to check with the Organizing Secretariat if and to what extent announcements can be made on specific presentations. The Organizing Secretariat will accept no liability for unauthorized publication of presentations’ content; it is the sole responsibility of the media representative to ensure the content broadcasted is as authorized by the presenter.

All journalists are advised to contact the Secretariat, to get clearance from authors to be included in the daily press releases, and to interview the award winners.

For reasons of compliance to international institutions endorsing the ISEE 2022, the Conference name and logo cannot be used, unless the Organizing Committee has authorized the use. For media announcements, content presented during the ISEE 2022 can be broadcasted and/or reported as presented during the 34th Annual Conference of International Society for Environmental Epidemiology, held in Athens-Greece.

The ISEE 2022 Organizing Secretariat reserves the right to cancel Press Registrations for individuals not abiding to Rules of Media Coverage and shall duly notify the Organizers’ officers.


Press Registration Procedure and Benefits

Applications for press registration are to be sent in written to the Organizing Secretariat at info@isee2022.org, along with the required documentation. Media representatives are advised to make arrangements in advance regarding their participation to the ISEE 2022.

A valid press identity card or relevant documentation is required for eligibility to register as Press. Freelancers must submit an official letter by the media they will be representing during the Conference, verifying their assignment to cover the ISEE 2022.

Press Registration entitlements:

  • Admission to all scientific sessions of the Conference Program
  • Access to the Exhibition and Poster Area
  • Attendance of the Opening Ceremony (18 September 2022)

For queries, please contact the ISEE 2022 Secretariat at info@isee2022.org