Crowne Plaza


Located in the city centre, the award-winning hotel ideally combines high quality amenities for demanding business travelers with the luxury and comforts of a top leisure destination.



  • A single room fully equipped for the disabled guests
  • Entrance ramp and access to all public areas of the hotel for the disabled guests
  • Shared toilets for the disabled guests
  • Braille on the elevator buttons and voice over floor information
  • Room listings and room service in Braille


  • Heat pumps have been installed in order to order to reduce energy consumption, in the process of replacing the bulbs with led bulbs (about 90% has been changed)
  • Food leftovers are separated and disposed of in separate bins
  • Recycle of paper, glass, batteries, bulbs and electrical appliances, plastic and aluminum
  • Recycle cooking oils and inks from printers
  • 2008 – Total Renovation (all public areas, event rooms & hotel rooms except the conference room in 2 floor
  • 2018 – Total Renovation of event hall in 2 floor
  • 2019 – Renovation of reception area with addition of decorative timer constructions and carpet and floor change. Replacement of TVs in rooms with new technology devices